To Those Who Wear Dentures: Add a Tongue Scraper to Your Oral Hygiene Toolkit

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Many people don’t realize that the surface of their tongue has many ridges and contours in which plaque and bacteria can grow. Those who wear dentures find cleaning their tongue is an effective way to rid themselves of plaque and keep their breath fresh.

In order to clean the tongue, be sure to go over with your toothbrush after you’re finished brushing your dentures. By brushing over the top of tongue with a non-abrasive toothpaste (in addition to the sides and tip of the tongue), you will help clear out bacteria on the tongue and also freshen your breath.

A tongue scraper may also be used. Most tongue scrapers have a small plastic handle at one end and the scraper part at the other end. While using the scraper, go back and forth over the tongue while making sure to avoid overlapping over the same area too many times. If the edge of the scraper shows signs of buildup attached, rinse it before further usage.

You can make sure to clean up any bacteria that may have been missed by incorporating an antiseptic mouthwash into your oral care routine. This will kill any lingering bacteria and give you fresh breath. This will help prevent any potentially leftover bacteria from forming plaque and giving you bad breath.

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