Root canals involve accessing the center of your tooth to remove the infected pulp and the nerve. Because of this, your aftercare plays an extremely important role in your recovery and helping ensure that your visit is a success.

After your visit, we suggest avoiding eating for at least two hours. After the anesthetic has worn off, you may experience pain in the affected area. This can be remedied with mild pain relievers, a gentle saltwater rinse or even a cold compress. It is a good idea to avoid hard, sticky or chewy foods until the pain subsides.

Our dentist, Dr. Jamie Choi, may prescribe antibiotics to ensure that the infection is addressed. You will need to take your antibiotics as prescribed, including finishing the entire prescription. If you develop a reaction to your medicine, experience pain, swelling, fever, nausea or further damage to the tooth, contact our office right away.

If you are scheduled for this treatment, we will provide you with root canal aftercare instructions in San Jose, California, and you can always call us at 408-973-8500 if you have questions before or after your visit.