Planning and Treating Oral Emergencies

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Planning and treating oral emergencies is vital for a successful and speedy recovery. Some oral emergencies require a minimal amount of care, such as the times where gauze needs to be applied to stop the bleeding. However, there are times where fact acting is required to ensure an optimal result with your recovery. Listed below are some common oral emergencies and tips to help with recovery:

– If you should ever find a dental restoration service fail, such as a dental filling or dental crown fall out, do not despair, and instead protect your teeth until they can be replaced in your mouth once more. For dental fillings, cover the site with a cotton swab, and with a lost dental crown, apply clove oil to the site and cover with a cotton swab.
– If you experience an oral accident that causes bleeding, as with bitten lips and tongues or cracked teeth, always remember to keep the wound site clean and help prevent blood loss.
– Teeth that have been knocked out can be placed back in again by your dentist if the product is stored in a tooth-saving solution quickly enough. If the tooth dries out, it cannot effectively be placed back in your mouth. Be careful when handling the tooth as not to damage it.

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