Oral Health and Teenage Dentistry

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Are you doing enough to keep your smile safe during the crucial time during your life as a teen? When you are a teen, you often tend to place your social settings at the forefront, which can cause you to make poor decisions in regard to the health of your teeth and gums. Instead, make sure you’re aware of the risks that can damage your smile and avoid them as much as possible.

Did you know that one of the biggest risk factors for a teen’s smile is due to peer pressure risks? Peer pressure is the act of individuals getting someone to do something for their own pleasure or to derive a sense of continuity amongst social settings. However, several oral pressure risks including smoking and using drugs can destroy a person’s smile. If that wasn’t enough, they could also lead to several physical dangers including cancer. Avoid peer pressure risks that can damage your smile.

Many teens are often involved in sports, which is a known risk factor for your oral health. Sports are dangerous to an individual’s smile because they often end in blunt trauma if a blow to the face should occur. However, there are several forms of safety equipment that can be used to help soften the blow and protect your smile from permanent damage, which can include face masks, mouth guards and helmets. Wear safety equipment at all times.

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