Fillings Fix Cavities

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Fillings are used to plug the cavities in teeth made by decay. When you get a cavity, there is a zone of damage in a tooth that needs to be excavated, cleaned and filled up so that it can be restored to its normal function and shape. A filling will also avert further decay by closing the entryway where bacteria are entering the tooth.

There are different types of dental materials used for fillings. The kind you might receive depends on aspects your dentist will consider in deliberation with you. These include a composite resin (for matching tooth color), and an amalgam (made up of mercury, silver, copper, tin and/or zinc).

Styles of Fillings:

Amalgam fillings are the least expensive of the lot and near invulnerable to wear. They are unmistakable due to their obvious color, so they are normally hidden away in the back teeth where they may go unnoticed.

Composite resin fillings are used to correspond to the natural color of your actual teeth. So, they are placed on teeth that are the most visible. The criticism of composite resin fillings is that they can stain and wear down quickly compared to the other types of fillings.


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