Dentistry Topic Data Blog: Mouth Jewelry

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Have you ever seen an individual with a lip or tongue ring and felt it was something you had to have? Although they can be viewed as stylish and fashionable, they do come with oral health risks.

Mouth jewelry can lead to numerous oral health ailments including dental damage and gum tissue injury. Most lip and tongue rings are designed of a heavy and hard metal or plastic that can easily chip or crack your teeth. Furthermore, they can wear down your tooth enamel and even end up as a choking hazard should they break off.

Nerve damage has been associated with mouth jewelry when worn on your tongue. If inserted incorrectly, it is possible to permanently injure your smile. Furthermore, mouth jewelry is associated with numerous infections that can arise due to lacerations and open wounds on your lips, tongue, or gums, including endocarditis and hepatitis. Furthermore, some individuals are allergic to the materials used with mouth jewelry. Exercise extreme caution if you are thinking about bringing mouth jewelry into your life.

Make sure to take good care of your smile, including from the effects of mouth jewelry. For more information about mouth jewelry, or to schedule an oral exam with Dr. Jamie Choi and our team at Jamie P. Choi, DDS, give us a call at 408-973-8500. Our dentist office is conveniently located in San Jose, California. We look forward to seeing you smile.