CEREC® and Its Effect on Your Dental Health

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Are you familiar with CEREC and its effect on your smile? Does your smile require a tooth restoration? With CEREC® dental crowns, you can fully restore teeth above the gum line by covering and concealing damaged teeth.

One of the key features of CEREC dental crowns is that they can be designed and installed in a single day. Thanks to our modern-day expertise, CEREC crowns can be milled using advanced computers at the dentist office for use that same day, eliminating the need for uncomfortable temporary crowns that may need to be worn for weeks on end.

With CEREC technology, your dentist can capture the impression of your tooth and modify the crown for the exact size, shape, and color of CEREC crown that will work best for you. Thanks to the substances used in CEREC crowns, which are typically porcelain in nature, the tooth will mimic the look of natural teeth and restore the function of a broken tooth. CEREC dental crowns are also extremely durable and can last over a decade.

If you think your teeth could use a little extra work with the help of CEREC and you would like to have a professional exam from our team at Jamie P. Choi, DDS, simply book an appointment with Dr. Jamie Choi and the rest of our team at our dentist office in San Jose, California, by calling us at 408-973-8500. We are here to proudly keep you and your smile healthy and happy.