A Bad Dental Cavity May Result in Dental Crown Placement

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If you develop a small cavity that doesn’t receive treatment, it can become an extensive area of tooth decay that damages the tooth and affects your oral function. We may recommend that a dental crown replace the badly decayed tooth enamel to improve the health and strength of your tooth.

Typically, Dr. Jamie Choi and our team schedule two separate appointments to place a dental crown. First, we numb the area for your comfort and then take away the layer of tooth enamel so that the tooth is left with its healthy internal structure that will support the dental crown.

Then, we create an impression of the tooth and surrounding teeth in great detail and send it to the skilled technicians at an off-site dental lab. The impression serves as a guide to create the dental restoration in the image of the original tooth. While this crown is being made, we can keep your tooth protected by covering it with a temporary dental crown that blocks out bacteria.

At your second appointment, we can take off the temporary crown and cement the new crown in its stead. Dental crowns are designed to last several years as long as they receive proper care and cleaning on a daily basis.

If you have noticed a large cavity developing in your smile and would like to receive a dental crown in San Jose, California, we invite you to call Jamie P. Choi, DDS at 408-973-8500 today for a visit with our dentist.